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"Nothing happens until something moves" (Albert Einstein.)



Email: nabemgnigni at aimsammi dot org

About me

I am a PhD Student at the University of Goettingen working on Graph Convolutional Networks and Spatial Inference. I am honoured to be supervised by Pr. Dominic Schuhmacher in the RTG2088 research group. I am interested in developing Graph-based machine learning methods and investigating their mathematical foundations as well as their robustness and Interpretability. I am currently working on applications using Spatial data.

Previously I was an AI Resident in the Google Brain Accra Lab where I worked on frequency analysis to improve the robustness of Deep Neural Networks. I also was a research intern in the Deep Learning Embedded group at DeepMind in London. I was part of the first cohort of the African Master’s of Machine Intelligence in Rwanda. Before that, I completed the AIMS Cameroon Master’s in Mathematical Sciences as a Mastercard Foundation Scholar, where I graduated with honours and as the second best female student. I hold a Master in Physics from the University of Yaounde I.

In addition to Machine Learning research, I am passionate about Physics, especially Nonlinear Optics. I am currenly investigating the propagation of Few-cycle pulses in magnetic and non-magnetic materials with my mentor Pr. Kofane Timoleon Crepin, at the University of Yaounde I . Please check out our paper on this topic that was published in the Journal of Optical Society of America.

Outside of research, I am an advocate for promoting the study of AI and STEM by underrepresented communities, especially in Africa. I am co-lead of Bel’s AI Initiative which conducts outreach about AI in Central Africa with a focus on rural areas. I serve as a mentor to Bel’s AI members. I am part of the WIMLDS Yaounde chapter, and co-organiser of KMERAI events.

If you would like to connect, please reach out at: nabemgnigni at aimsammi dot org